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My Smiley's Haven

Here you will find the many Smileys, or Emoticons as some call them, I have collected off various repositories I've visited over the years. They can be used for Forum Posting, Bulletin Board Posting, & Blog Posting. You can also put them in your eMails, & IM's.

Feel free to look through them. If you see anything you like, click on it so it appears on the right viewing screen, & then right-click on that view.

Now use   'save image...'   to save it onto your computer. They are all free for your own personal use.


My WallPaper Haven

Here you will find quite a few Wallpapers I have gathered over the years. Please feel free to look through them all, & as with my Smileys, if you see some you like by all means download it the same way as above. They are free for your own personal use.


Come back & visit often.

I will be continually adding new

Smileys & Wallpapers!







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